How we help

We offer many services to help you reach your goals.  And if you don't know what your goals are, we're happy to help you figure that out as well. At our complimentary first session, we'll decide together what the best tools are.  Coaching, energy work, traditional shamanic ceremonies, journeys, or workshops are some of the services you can take advantage of.


We offer group, individual, personal and professional coaching. 

Coaching helps you in your professional and personal life by helping you see  new perspectives on old issues and finding solutions.  Think of it as lighting a small fire that will grow exponentially.  Together, we'll set goals and we'll stand by you to help you reach each milestone.



We develop and facilitate workshops to help you and your team reach those next steps.

Sometimes, we just don't know what is preventing a team from being optimal.  We can create and facilitate workshops tailoring, to your specific needs.

Whether your focus is on team building, priority setting, communication, team work or any other topic, we'll develop activities together to help you reach your goals.

traditional Ceremonies

We can help you resolve the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward in life. 

Through Shamanic Ceremonies, we will track the root cause of specific issues.  Energy work or guided visualisations can then be used to remove what stands in your way and help you achieve your goals.