Different shoes every day!

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the same steps every single day? You are so used to you routine that you don't have to think twice about what you are doing. Sometimes, we get so comfortable that we don't feel the need to modify the routine whatsoever.

This morning, I went through everything as I do every single morning that I go to work - every step the same – shower, dress, make lunch, drive in, remove coat and boots, put on shoes, boot up the computer, sit down and start plugging away.

About 90 minutes after having started work, a colleague drops by my office and we start chatting. When I look down and see that I am wearing two different shoes – true story! We laughed about it and I just had to take this picture.

And now I'm reflecting... when did I get so comfortable in my routine that I no longer even notice what I'm doing? That I've stopped reaching for new heights, for new challenges?

What about you? What routine are you in?

How is that routine serving you?

A Value Based System

One of the first things my first coach ever did with me was help me identify my values. At the time, I was wondering why this was important and how it would serve me. I quickly came to understand that knowing my core values was crucial in understanding how I react to situations, events and even individuals.

When your core values have been clearly identified, it's much easier to know why you have been triggered by specific actions or things. Why is it t...hat there are times when something doesn't bother me and yet other times where I react very strongly to the same thing? It usually means that more than one of your values has been trampled on.

Knowing what is important to your soul, what is important at your very core will help you better interpret, understand and manage your reactions.

If you had to name your five core values, what would they be? How do you know this?

Contact me if you want to know more about values and how to identify them.

Snowmobilers don't get lost, they just take detours.

I love this country and everything that it has to offer – in all seasons.  Every winter for the past 6 years, my husband and I have been on a week-long snowmobile trip.   

As we get ready for this trip, we carefully pack our one bag, ensuring we have everything we'll need for the duration of the trip, we plan our daily distances, determine where we'll refuel the sled and where we'll refuel the bodies, reserve our lodging, let family know where we'll be....  By the time we leave for our annual trek, we feel fully prepared.   

We leave with confidence and yet, every year, some unforeseen incident has us adjust one or many aspects of our trip.  Like the year where we were crossing a river and suddenly became aware of open water less than 200 feet away.  Needless to say that we quickly turned around.  This is where we realized that there will always be some things that we can't control – whether it's closed trails, other people's decisions, harsh weather or our own reactions to unplanned events.  

And once we get home, no matter what happened, we always feel that the trip was successful, not in spite of, but probably because of the many detours we have taken.  

In your own life, what detours have you taken?  

How do you react when faced with unforeseen events?  

Contact me if you want to learn to see the gift in these detours.  

Une nouvelle année, de nouveaux débuts?

Il y a déjà quelques jours qu'on a tourné une autre page du calendrier.  Certains disent au revoir à l'année qui vient de se terminer avec regret alors que certains voient la nouvelle année arriver avec joie.  

Et si, au lieu de regretter cette année passée, on en profitait pour faire un bilan de tout ce qu'on a vécu?  Les aventures, les rêves, les réalisations, bien sûr!  Mais aussi les défis et les obstacles.  On fait le point sur l'année, non seulement pour bien mesurer le cheminement de celle qui se termine, mais également pour créer celle à venir. 

Imaginez que vous avez le pouvoir de créer votre environnement de rêve. 

Comment vous sentirez-vous lorsque vous vivrez dans cet environnement? 

Il me ferait plaisir de vous accompagner dans cette aventure.  Communiquez avec moi pour voir comment on peut façonner votre avenir ensemble.

Is this the end of the road?

As 2017 comes to an end, I reflect on what this past year has brought my way – the challenges and the successes; the endings and the new beginnings; the opportunities sent my way – both those I chose to accept and those I either didn't see or chose not to acknowledge.   

Is it time to say "out with the old"?  and if I do say that and take action, what will replace that which I willingly give up?  Whenever something is removed from our lives, the universe sees to it that it is replaced by something else. 

What am I able to envision for myself in the future?  What do I see on the horizon? 

What concrete action am I willing to take RIGHT NOW to start moving in that direction? 


Going through a large chain store the other day, I came across a whole wall of mirrors. Have you ever stood in front of all these mirrors and observed what was happening? 

Isn't it interesting the way things are being reflected? Things appear different whether we stand directly in front of the mirror or to the side. The lighting also affects what we see and our attention will easily be drawn to what is moving.  

When you look into the mirror of your life, what do you see being reflected back? To what extent is that reflection the reality of what you want to see and to what extent is it real?  

How are things distorted by others perception? What about by what is happening around you?  

I invite you to take a few minutes today and take a good look in the mirror – no distractions, no judgment – what do you see?  

Stepping out of your comfort zone

October 31st – Hallowe'en.  As I walked around today I noticed many people wearing unusual attire.  Some in full costume and others wearing small items, a simple nod to the day.  Like they are saying " I know it's October 31st, and I want to celebrate, and at the same time, I don't want to stand out too much."   

I'm wondering what is motivating those who are fully decked out.  Are they using this opportunity to really showcase who they feel they are? Are they using it to step out of their comfort zone? To push their own boundaries in a safe and acceptable environment? 

What makes up your own comfort zone? 

What would it feel like to challenge these boundaries?  What's on the other side? 

Difficult Conversations

Have you ever had to have a difficult conversation with someone you cared for deeply?  I'm talking about the kind of conversation that no one ever really looks forward to; the kind of conversation that has the power to change the relationship completely; the kind of conversation you don't know how to start and yet you feel must happen eventually if things are to change.   

There are many books, lectures and talks on how to do this effectively while keeping as much emotion out of the equation – be as brief and as factual as possible, plan ahead of time, use the recommended steps, use the recommended templates, sandwich the difficult partbetween two easy parts, and on and on.  Each method brings with it its own advantages and in the end, you are still the one who must have that talk.  No one else can do it for you. You have to be the courageous one.  

Now imagine if that conversation were to be with yourself.   

What would the topic be?   What would that be like?  

How would you be kind to yourself?  What resources do you need at this point in your life? 

Find the courage to have those conversations! 

Are you running to or running from?

Every few years, I have this urge to change jobs.  It's time to try something new, to be challenged in a different way.  I start dreaming of working with new people, of a new environment.   

Recently however, I've started reflecting on what is motivating this need for change.  Is it really because I need a new challenge or is it because I feel like I've done everything I was hired to do or is it because I'm afraid of getting bored?  Am I trying to pre-empt something? 

Talking about this to a mentor, he asked me if I was running away from something or if I was running towards something?  This question took me by surprise because I'd never really given it any thought.  I'd always seen myself as somewhat of a free spirit, letting life chose where needed to be and trusting that whatever happened was the right thing.   What if I make a mistake?  The fact that I actually chose a path means that I now have to take responsibility for my decisions. 

What decision are you really making by not making a decision?  Are you running from something or are you running towards something? 

By making that choice, what are you settling for?