Flying away from the nest.


Have you ever noticed how baby birds are encouraged to fly off on their own? Last night, I was watching how mama and papa bird were pushing their little offspring off into the great blue yonder.

First, they fly around the nest, showing the young one how it's done. When the baby doesn't follow, mama or papa starts squawking loudly to get the baby moving. Finally, they know they need to get that baby moving, its existence depends on it, so one of the parents just pushes the baby out of the nest. No discussion, no negotiation, no second chances - and the baby FLIES. The parents stay with the young bird for a while and eventually, it has enough experience and confidence that it flies off on its own.

Any change is uncomfortable at first. And every now and then, we all need someone to show us how it's done and to give us that friendly push out of the nest.

Where in your own life do you need that support?

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