Are you running to or running from?

Every few years, I have this urge to change jobs.  It's time to try something new, to be challenged in a different way.  I start dreaming of working with new people, of a new environment.   

Recently however, I've started reflecting on what is motivating this need for change.  Is it really because I need a new challenge or is it because I feel like I've done everything I was hired to do or is it because I'm afraid of getting bored?  Am I trying to pre-empt something? 

Talking about this to a mentor, he asked me if I was running away from something or if I was running towards something?  This question took me by surprise because I'd never really given it any thought.  I'd always seen myself as somewhat of a free spirit, letting life chose where needed to be and trusting that whatever happened was the right thing.   What if I make a mistake?  The fact that I actually chose a path means that I now have to take responsibility for my decisions. 

What decision are you really making by not making a decision?  Are you running from something or are you running towards something? 

By making that choice, what are you settling for?